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original yoga mat strap



Carry your yoga mat in style!

Strap this around your yoga mat by adjusting the loops through the rings.

Can also be used to carry towels. Highly customizable size-wise as the strap will shorten and lengthen depending on the distance between the straps around the mat.

Refer to my Instagram page highlights for a tutorial!


. Measures approx. 4.5-5ft from end-to-end. Designed for the loops around the yoga mat to be approx. 10-12 inches apart. Once it is around the yoga mat this way, the available rope to wrap around your shoulder is approx 2ft long.


. Available in the above colours. Choose between wooden or brass rings.


. Colour being modeled is Olive.

*ORDER via the "Order" page to fill out the form or via this button:

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