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"Not all who wander are lost."

This piece is a reminder that we can achieve anything once we let ourselves breathe and live in the flow of life.

The simplicity and randomness of this piece will add life to any wall.

The copper piece adds a modern vibe to a boho look.

. For a limited time only:

          Available in natural or BLACK cord

          Pick between a dowel, stick, or piece of copper (+$10) for the macrame to hang from!


. Made from 100% cotton single strand macrame cord and copper


. Hangs from a 12" long dowel/stick or 13" piece of copper


. Measures approx. 12” x 12” (from the stick to the bottom of the fringe)


*The stick will vary in size, shape, and colour as I find them and sand them myself. Please message me if you would rather have a wooden dowel in its place

*ORDER via the "Order" page to fill out the form or via this button:

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