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Lennon is flowy and minimalistic, yet attention-grabbing and at the same time. This longer design is perfect to add boho texture a longer space! Includes a flower agate moon crystal.

FLOWER AGATE MOON // Surrender to the divine timing of the universe and stop to smell the roses.  Reignite your passion for living life to the fullest and allow light in by wiping away darkness. Re-bloom after difficult life challenges. Learn from the past, respect and appreciate the present, and give purpose to the future. Illuminate your purpose and passion while creating drive to accomplish goals.


. Specify in the order form if you would not like the crystal with your Lennon.


. Made from 100% cotton single strand macrame cord, flower agate moon crystal.


. Measures approx. 12” x 24” (from the stick to the bottom of the fringe).


*The stick will vary in size, shape, and colour as I find them and sand them myself.

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