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"This too shall pass" is illustrated in the high and low ends of this piece. This piece signifies the peaks and valleys that we experience in a normal and healthy life. The highs are some of our greatest moments, but we also must embrace the time in the lows. This is where we learn the most important lessons and where real growth happens.

Takes on a slanted and elongated pattern which gives Hope a classier look.

The copper piece attracts the eyes to the left of the piece and gradually move down the slope to the longest piece.


. The "wrapped" bits are available in any of the above colours PLUS NATURAL (off-white)

. For a limited time only:

          The fringe/brushed section is available in natural (pictured) or BLACK cord

          Pick between a dowel, stick, or piece of copper (+$10) for the macrame to hang from!


. Made from 100% cotton single strand macrame cord


. Hangs from a 12" long dowel/stick or 13" piece of copper


. Measures approx. 12” x 12” (from the stick to the bottom of the fringe)


*The stick will vary in size, shape, and colour as I find them and sand them myself. Please message me if you would rather have a wooden dowel in its place


. Colours modeled are Ginger and Sage

*ORDER via the "Order" page to fill out the form or via this button:

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