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boho keychain


C$12 each or 2 for $20

40% of the proceeds from this boho keychain will be donated to a Canadian ocean clean up organization! The organizations will be donated to on a rotation-basis in order to support the goals of both education and actual clean up.

Specify your colour choice on the order form.

Choose between a bold or thin gold clasp.

. Please allow for slight variation as they are handmade

. Available in the above colour options PLUS WHITE!

. Made with 100% recycled cotton single strand macrame cord, metal clasp


. Measures approx. 3-3.5in tall (from the top of the clasp to the bottom of the fringe), and approx 1in wide

. Organizations that will be donated to:

       The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup

       Plastic Oceans

       The Ocean Legacy Foundation

*ORDER via the "Order" page to fill out the form or via this button:

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